Joni Quotes


“When the dust settles many years from now, Joni Mitchell will be thought of as the best singer-songwriter of her time.”

David Crosby

“She was always more poetic than most of her peers. There was a construction and ingenuity that no one else had.”

Graham Nash

“Joni invented everything about her music including the tuning of her guitars.”

James Taylor

“It has been a very kind of subjective journey I guess you could say, subjective, but hopefully universal. That was always my optimism. That if I described my own changes through no matter what the decades threw at me, that there would be others like me… and it turned out there were.”

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is regarded as one of the top singer-songwriters in the world. The musicians in our band consider her to be the best. Not only has she influenced each of us musically, but her songs have had a profound impact on us personally. Joni’s songs have been the backdrop to our lives.  We feel privileged to pay tribute to Joni by performing and interpreting her music in our own way. If you watch us play on stage, you will see only smiles.